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Is there any agriculture visa to get PR in Australia? 

The Austrlaian Agriculture visa program is being introduced to address workforce shortages in the agriculture sector. It is a stream of the Temporary Work (International Relations) subclass 403 visa.

  • The program delivers on the Government’s commitment to put in place a good workforce to support the growth of Australia’s agricultural industries.
  • Employees across a range of agricultural sectors and skill levels can enjoy the benefit of Agriculture Visa program
  • Australia is still waiting for Bilateral agreements with a small number of countries in Southeast Asia. Discussions with Indonesia are advanced. Details are expected to be finalised shortly.
  • The Agriculture Visa is a sponsored visa program, operating with APPROVED EMPLOYERS and robust worker protections.
  • Workers have their own flexibility and right to move between approved employers without compromising workforce standards and undermining worker protections.

Australia Government is doing everything to protect the work right of both labour force and employers in agricultural sector.

Who is eligible for agriculture visa Australia?

The Federal Government has said the Australian Agriculture Visa will be open to residents of countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and certain, yet to be confirmed, Pacific Island Nations. The current member nations of ASEAN are:

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Vineyard Grapes

ASEAN member countries

How do I participate in the Agriculture Visa program as an Australian employer?

  • There is industry agreement between the Australian government and employers in Australia about approaching the program.
  • The foreign minister is working with a selected group of employers to bring in a small initial group of employees. This will allow us to test systems and processes before the program’s expansion throughout 2022.
    • ­Employer application and eligibility requirements for the expanded phase are expected to be published on DFAT’s Agriculture Visa program website when they are confirmed in April 2022


How will the process of approving employers be managed under Agriculture Visa program?

The Agriculture Visa is a managed (sponsored) visa. ­

  • Employers directly recruiting employees from overseas will need to be approved to participate in the program and as a Temporary Activity Sponsor (TAS) under the Migration Regulations 1994. For more information on TAS see: Become a sponsor Temporary activities sponsor ( ­
  • Under portability arrangements, employers who wish to employ agriculture visa holders who are already in Australia need to be approved to participate in the program but are not required to be a TAS.

All participating employers will have to meet a series of requirements including:

      1. becoming an Approved Employer under the Agriculture Visa program by:

  1. showing evidence that they are currently an Approved Employer under the PALM Scheme; OR
  2. showing evidence that they are currently accredited under an endorsed industry accreditation scheme, with a financial solvency and Fair Work Ombudsman workplace compliance history check; OR
  3. applying to become an approved employer under the Agriculture Visa program application process, with a financial solvency and Fair Work Ombudsman workplace compliance history check.

      2. signing a Deed of Agreement. Following approval, employers will sign a Deed of Agreement with DFAT that sets out their obligations as                  participants in the program including employee protections, conditions and standards.

Once employers are approved to participate in the Agriculture Visa program and have signed the Deed of Agreement, the process of recruiting employees under the Agriculture Visa involves: ­

  • providing evidence to DFAT of labour market testing; ­
  • submitting a recruitment plan and an accommodation and transport plan to DFAT; ­
  • providing employees with an offer of employment that sets out information about the nature of the employment, pay and conditions and any portability arrangements; ­
  • managing recruitment arrangements in line with program guidelines (note: predeparture briefing will be provided to visa holders that includes information on life, culture and workplace rights in Australia and rights and obligations under the Agriculture visa program}. ­
  • after these requirements have been met, employers must:
  1. arrange visas and travel for employees;
  2. offer DFAT-approved accommodation options
  3. provide an on-arrival briefing, invite the Fair Work Ombudsman and the relevant union representative to be present.

Compliance and monitoring arrangements will be key to the program’s implementation.

What are the requirements to apply for Agriculture Visa program 2021/2022?

Initial applications from workers to participate in the Agricultural Visa program will need to be completed offshore.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be able to participate in the Agriculture Visa program: ­

  • have the necessary skills to perform in the occupation in which they are being employed (where relevant); ­
  • have minimum English language skills IELTS of 4.0 overall or equivalent (or higher when the specific occupation requires it); ­
  • be unaccompanied (participants will not be able to bring family members); ­
  • meet the minimum age requirement of 21 years of age with no maximum age requirement; ­ 
  • being sponsored to Australia by a Temporary Activities Sponsor (TAS) who is an employer approved by DFAT to participate in the program;
  • being supported by DFAT to participate in the program;
  • meeting all character and health requirements; and
  • having adequate health insurance for the period of stay in Australia.

You must meet the following requirements when you apply for the Agriculture visa:

  • proof of intention to perform agricultural work for the bulk of your time in Australia;
  • proof of any skills you have in agriculture or food/textile processing facilities.

You should be outside of Australia when you submit the visa and when the visa is granted.

What sectors and skills are covered by the Agriculture Visa program?

There over a hundred types of farm jobs for agricultural visitors. Most of these positions are picking, packing and processing of fruits such as blueberries, mangoes and citrus. Opportunities depending on your skills and experience could include:

  • Dairy farming;
  • Cotton harvesting;
  • Vegetable picking;
  • Livestock care;
  • Medicinal marijuana farming;
  • Solar farming;
  • Grain harvesting;
  • Meat processing;
  • Commercial fishing;
  • Forestry maintenance
  1. The Agriculture Visa program will target skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled employees within specified occupations across these sectors.
  2. In the initial phase, recruitment will focus on lower skilled occupations, and this will be expanded as the program evolves.
  3. Employees must have the experience and/or qualifications to commence work at the skill level and occupation for which they are recruited (where relevant).

Will the Agriculture Visa program have a maximum number of overseas employees?

It was planned by National party that Agriculture Visa program will be uncapped  in the number of agricultural workers who can come in Australia from ASEAN countries. With its fear of people smugglers and undermining of the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme, It has been limited to only 1000 workers as of now

Caps will be reviewed annually in consultation with sending countries which will be linked to annual migration review

  • This will help build up the agriculture workforce demand and supply gap without humiliating other schemes or reduce illegal activities from outside the country.
  • Final decisions will be made by the Australian Government

Will employees be able to move between employers?

  • Yes, portability between different approved employers will be a feature of the program for the seasonal cohort. Initially, portability will need to be agreed prior to workers’ arrival in Australia. Other models will be explored as the program expands.
  • The program will enable employees under the seasonal cohort to move between approved employers, under an arrangement approved by DFAT, during their period of stay. It can be up to 4 years for visa holders in the long-term cohort
  • The design seeks to benefit both employers and employees, and the informed consent of employees is fundamental:
    • Employees must agree to each movement upfront, prior to movement, and sign a letter of offer outlining role, location, pay and conditions.
    • Portability provides employers with access to workers for short-term periods and assists them to manage seasonal work demands.
  • As the program evolves, further models for portability will be explored and tested with stakeholders with a review of portability arrangements to occur after the first year of program implementation.

Can Agriculture Visa holders apply for permanent residency?

The Agriculture visa will provide a long-term, reliable workforce to support ongoing growth of Australia’s critical agricultural industries as they strive to reach $100 billion in value by 2030.

The Government has committed to creating options for permanent residence pathways for participants in the program, including regional settlement, acknowledging that this will involve further consultation and design work.

The Government will make announcements on permanent residence pathways in due course.

Will the Agriculture Visa program require domestic labour market testing?

Yes, definitely. Employers will be required to demonstrate that they have sought Australian workers for the positions advertised prior to being able to recruit agriculture visa workers for the roles.

Will employers be required to arrange accommodation to a set standard for employees under the Agriculture Visa?

Under the program, employers must offer employees suitable and affordable accommodation, to support employees’ initial settling-in period in Australia.

 Before offering employment, employers must ensure that the accommodation meets minimum standards and has been approved by DFAT. ­

DFAT will assess accommodation, against the requirements set out in the Employer Guidelines, to ensure it is safe and secure, meets any Work Health and Safety or state and territory legislation, costs are fair and transparent, and the accommodation is fit for purpose and in good condition.

DFAT will recognise accommodation that has been approved under the PALM scheme.

 Employees may elect to arrange their own accommodation after they are in Australia. ­

In these situations, it will be the employee’s responsibility to identify suitable accommodation.

 If an employee moves to a new placement under portability arrangements, the receiving employer must identify suitable accommodation options, that meet minimum standards and are approved by DFAT.

 The standards of accommodation approved by DFAT will align with standards under the PALM scheme.

 Accommodation will be subject to ongoing compliance checks.

What is the application process?

The Agriculture visa is not yet available but when it is, the expected process is:

  1. Consult with Work Visa Lawyers to determine if the Agriculture visa is appropriate for your situation.
  2. Gather and compile your documents and information for the application.
  3. Submit the application and supporting documents online using an ImmiAccount. You may also submit an application by post.


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How can Work Visa Lawyers help?

Planning to visit another country is a big decision. Work Visa Lawyers understands there is a lot to think about, and meeting your legal requirements is probably the last thing on your mind. Let us take care of the visa so you can enjoy your time in Australia.

Our team of experience Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents look forward to assisting you with your Australian visa or appeal.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, we provide Australian Immigration advice to people and businesses from all over the world.

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Migration Judicial Review at the Federal Circuit Court

There are many visa applicants who have received a visa refusal and then appealed the decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for merits review, only to find that the AAT did not find in the applicants’ favour. If the AAT has affirmed the Department of Home Affairs’ decision to refuse your visa and you believe that an error was made in reaching this decision, you may be able to apply for a judicial review.

For a number of reasons, the applicant who has been unsuccessful at the AAT should seek legal advice as to their options for judicial review at the Federal Circuit Court (FCC).

The reason why there is a judicial review option is because the AAT process can also be flawed. Even though the AAT is an independent body, that does not mean they always come to the correct decision.


What is Migration Judicial Review?

The Court may only review a decision in order to determine if a ‘jurisdictional error’ has been made. This means the Court determines if the decision has been made according to law. The Court is independent of decision makers and does not consider the merits of your application and whether you should or should not be granted a visa.

If the Court finds a jurisdictional error, it can:

  • refer your case back to the decision maker, and
  • prevent the Minister from acting on the decision.

The Court cannot:

  • reconsider the facts and reasons for your visa application
  • take new factual information into account (unless it is relevant to a question of whether the decision maker made a jurisdictional error), or
  • grant you a visa.

You can remain in Australia on a bridging visa while you await a decision.


What is a jurisdictional error?

A jurisdictional error is where a decision-maker commits an error of law by interpreting the law incorrectly. Below is a non-exhaustive list of possible jurisdictional errors:

  • Failure to provide procedural fairness, in relation to s 359A of the Migration Act 1958(Cth). This involves not providing the applicant the opportunity to comment on or respond to an issue that would form the reason for affirming the decision.
  • Where the AAT identified the wrong issue, asked the wrong question or applied the wrong test
  • Failure to consider relevant material. There will be jurisdictional error if a decision-maker fails to take into account a relevant consideration. Conversely there will be error if the decision-maker takes into account irrelevant material.
  • Considering irrelevant material
  • Failure to consider claims. If it is apparent that the decision-maker has otherwise misunderstood and thereby failed to correctly determine the claims there will be error.
  • Breach of rules of natural justice/failure to follow mandatory procedures
  • Procedural fairness not afforded where the applicant was excluded from being present while material witnesses gives evidence
  • Apprehended or actual bias. The test for actual bias is that the decision-maker must show a state of mind that is so committed to a conclusion already formed as to be incapable of alteration, whatever evidence or arguments may be presented.
  • Illogicality, irrationality or unreasonableness

If you do not fit one of the examples provided above, you may still have grounds for judicial review. Contact us if you believe the AAT has made a juridictional error in its decision and we can provide expert legal advice as to your prospects of success at the FCC.


Is there a Time Limit to Appeal to the Federal Circuit Court? 

There are strict deadlines for lodging a judicial review with the FCC. You need to file an application 35 days from the date of the AAT decision. You may request for an extension of time and the Court will decide whether to grant the extension of time.

As there is a short time limit to appeal, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible, if you believe that a jurisdictional error has been made.


Seeking Legal Advice: Difference Between a Migration Agent and a Lawyer

In Australia, only a qualified lawyer can give legal advice on the prospects of success of an application to the Court when seeking to prove that a jurisdictional error has occurred. It is important that you seek professional legal advice before embarking on the judicial review process.

At a court hearing, the Minister for Home Affairs will be represented by a lawyer and you will have the opportunity to respond to what is said in Court. If you have a lawyer, they will speak on your behalf. Therefore it is important to be represented by a lawyer to reduce the stresses that are involved leading up to and during the court hearing.

Registered Migration Agents cannot act on your behalf in completing the judicial review application to the Court but an Australian Immigration Lawyer can.

At Work Visa Lawyers, we have a team of dedicated Immigration Lawyers who are also Registered Migration Agents. We are experienced in the judicial review process and are committed to getting positive outcomes for our clients.


What if you do not have appeal options to the Federal Circuit Court?

You may be eligible to seek Ministerial Intervention of the visa application if there are no other legal alternatives for you to stay in Australia.

The Ministerial Intervention route can be successful if you can show unique and compelling circumstances that are sufficient to warrant a visa to be granted to you and your family. Everyone’s circumstances are different so it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. We can also assist you with a request for Ministerial Intervention.


Do you need help?

Our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers look forward to assisting you with your Australian visa appeal.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, we provide Australian Immigration advice to people and businesses from all over the world.

If you require further information regarding your Australia visa options you can contact us through:

(08) 8351 9956 or +61 8 8351 9956 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

An Australian Visa refusal can be devastating for everyone involved and can put your future in Australia in immediate jeopardy and uncertainty. However, your visa refusal does not necessarily mean it is the end of your pathway to Australia. 


What can you do about a visa refusal in Australia?

If you have received a visa refusal, your immediate concern is to ask whether the Department of Home Affairs made the right decision. We know from experience that the Department makes errors all the time in their decision-making procedures, especially when there is subjective or discretionary criteria involved. 

You may have appeal rights if you have a visa refusal based on:

The Department does not always make the correct decision which is why there is a review body, known as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to look at your visa application independently from the Department's perspective and decide whether the visa ought to have been granted.


What time frames does the AAT have?

If you appeal a refusal or a cancellation of a visa you may be required to present your argument to the Tribunal in a few months or more. Your matter is important to you, but the AAT has a long list of applicants (who are also appealing a refusal or cancellation visa) and so the time frame can extend out to about 2 years. During this time, you will be holding a Bridging Visa to keep you lawful in Australia, usually with work rights.

Click here for the latest AAT processing times.


What if your Visa Refusal was outside of Australia?

If you receive a visa refusal outside of Australia, there are limited options depending on the type of visa you applied for.

Usually, Partner visas or other sponsored visas, such as employer-sponsored visas, can be appealed by the Sponsor in Australia. 


Do you need legal assistance with an AAT appeal? How can Work Visa Lawyers help?

You do not have to have a Lawyer or a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) to lodge a review and to appear before the AAT. But you may benefit from the experience of an Immigration Lawyer and RMA. 

We know from our experience that it is not easy to convince a Tribunal member that your visa application meets the criteria, but we have been successful on many occasions even when the odds seemed slim

Work Visa Lawyers will provide you with sound advice as to your prospects of success in overcoming the challenge of convincing the Tribunal that you should be granted the visa.

We assist you with:

  • Understanding what the Tribunal is looking for;
  • Preparing you for the hearing;
  • Obtaining additional supporting information to improve your chances of success at the Tribunal;
  • Attend the hearing with you to ensure that the hearing is conducted fairly; and
  • Provide pre and post written submissions to clearly show the Tribunal why the Department was incorrect and why your visa should not have been refused.


What if the AAT makes the wrong decision?

It is possible that the Tribunal makes the wrong decision because the Migration Act and Regulations are constantly changing! This means there can be a lot of confusion which can lead to errors.

If you believe the Tribunal has made the wrong decision you should seek legal advice from Work Visa Lawyers to determine whether you have the option to appeal the decision to the Federal Circuit Court. In the Federal Circuit Court, you need to demonstrate that there has been an error which is known as a 'jurisdictional error'. 

Only lawyers can assist you with your application to the Federal Circuit Court. Here at Work Visa Lawyers, we have a wealth of experience in advising clients whether the Tribunal has made a jurisdictional error. Our team of Immigration Lawyers are committed to getting positive outcomes for our clients.


What are your other options after an unsuccessful AAT appeal?

You may have other options including: -

Due to a visa refusal you may be section 48 barred, meaning you may need to go offshore to lodge the visa application. 


Do you need help?

Our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents look forward to assisting you with your visa appeal.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, we provide Australian Immigration advice to people and businesses from all over the world.

If you require further information regarding your Australia visa options you can contact us through:

(08) 8351 9956 or +61 8 8351 9956 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ministerial Intervention

The Minister of Immigration and Citizenship has powers to grant visas and make a new decision in substitute for the decisions made by review bodies such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

These powers are discretionary and are only exercised in limited circumstances. The power will only be exercised if it is in the public interest to do so. The Minister’s powers can often only be exercised if the AAT has made a decision.

Applicants for Ministerial Intervention must hold a valid visa.


When will the minister intervene?

The Minister is more likely to intervene in the following case:

  • There are strong compassionate reasons for intervention where one or more of the person’s family members is an Australian citizen and their removal would create continuing hardship to the Australian citizen
  • There are compassionate reasons relating to the person’s age, health (physical and psychological)
  • There is an exceptional scientific, economic or cultural benefit to the person remaining in Australia
  • The person cannot be returned to their country of origin because of circumstances beyond their control
  • The person is at risk of mistreatment and harm if they returned to their country of origin

When won’t the minister intervene?

The Minister cannot intervene if:

  • There is no decision from the AAT
  • The AAT found that it did not have jurisdiction or that the application was made outside of the time limit
  • It is against public interest to intervene.


Do you need help?

Our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents look forward to assisting you with an application for Ministerial Intervention.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, we provide Australian Immigration advice to people and businesses from all over the world.

If you require further information regarding your Australia visa options you can contact us through:

(08) 8351 9956 or +61 8 8351 9956 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What are the grounds for visa cancellation?

There are various grounds on which an Australian visa can be cancelled, including:

  • Providing false and misleading information on your visa application
  • Providing a bogus document on your visa application
  • If your visa was granted based on information that no longer exists, such as relationship breakdown in partner visas
  • On character grounds, if you do not pass the character requirements
  • If you fail to comply with the conditions on your visa, such as ceasing work for more than 60 days on an employer-sponsored visa or working more than the permitted 40 hours per fortnight on a student visa
  • You are holding a temporary visa based on a partner relationship with the primary visa holder when the relationship ceased.
  • If your presence in Australia pose a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community, the Minister or Delegate has a discretion to cancel your visa.
  • Where you are the secondary visa holder and the primary visa holder’s visa is cancelled, then consequential cancellation will occur.
  • If you are involved in paying for visa sponsorship, for example if you paid money for an employer to sponsor you, your work visa could be cancelled.
  • If you breach Australian biosecurity laws, for example if you bring hazardous materials into Australia then your Visitor Visa can be cancelled.


What is the visa cancellation process?

If the Department of Home Affairs is considering cancelling your visa, in most cases, you will be sent a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation and given the opportunity to respond to the notice. This notice will be a warning that your visa is at risk of cancellation with written reasons, and you will be given a deadline to provide your response.

If the Department accepts your response, then your visa will not be cancelled, and you continue to hold a valid visa. The Department’s acceptance of your response will be dependent on the strength of your submissions as to why your visa should not be cancelled.

If the Department does not accept your response or you fail to provide a response, then a Notice of Cancellation will be sent to you and your visa will cease.


What are your options if your visa is cancelled?

If the Department makes a discretionary decision to cancel your visa while you are in Australia, you may be able to appeal the cancellation in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). There are time limits for applying for an appeal which can be as short as 9 days and so it is important that you act quickly after you receive a copy of a Notice of Cancellation. If you miss the deadline to apply for an appeal with the AAT, you may lose your opportunity to have the decision reviewed as the AAT do not have the power to extend the deadline to make an application.

If the AAT affirms the decision to cancel your visa, you may apply to the Federal Circuit Court for judicial review of the AAT’s decision. You must establish that a jurisdictional error had been made.

We understand that receiving a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation or Notice of Cancellation can be stressful. If you wish to respond to a notice to consider cancellation, apply for revocation or appeal a visa cancellation to the AAT or Federal Circuit Court, contact us as soon as possible so that we can work together to meet the strict time limits.


Do you need help?

Our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents look forward to assisting you to respond to a NOICC or an application for revocation or appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the Federal Circuit Court.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, we provide Australian Immigration advice to people and businesses from all over the world.

If you require further information regarding your Australian visa options you can contact us through:

(08) 8351 9956 or +61 8 8351 9956 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


优先审理 (1-8周之内下签)
没有 SAF费用 





Work Visa Lawyers 有经验协助任何关于澳洲签证的申请。移民官在不了解你的情况下,你 的签证申请是否成功全部取决于您上交的文案材料。移民律师的英文和专业一定要过硬,如果 提交的材料各种错误,解释不到位,不清晰,可想而知移民官拒签就不难解释了。 Work Visa Lawyers有本地移民律师团队也有资深移民中介以及前南澳移民协会主席Chris Johnston 坐镇。您的签证文件和案件都将会由我们的移民中介和律师团队交错检查和审理,
以保证所有的文件在上传前达标。我们的专业领域包括技术移民签证,商业技术移民签证,雇主担保工作签证,伴侣签证和其他 家庭成员移民签证以及移民复审法庭,司法审查与部长干预。





The following information applies to State and Territory nomination for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa, which replaces the subclass 489 visa from 16 November 2019.

You can read more about this new visa and how it compares to the previous subclass 489 visa


Basic Visa Application Requirements

The subclass 491 visa, like other Australian general skilled migration visas, is points tested with a minimum pass mark of 65, but there are also some minimum requirements you need to meet.

Some of the key requirement are as follows:

  • You must be under 45 years of age at the time of lodging your visa application

  • You must be nominated by a State or Territory government (this is the most popular pathyway) or sponsored by an eligible family member living in regional Australia
    They must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

  • You must be been able to Obtain a positive skills assessment for an occupation on the relevant list:

    • For State or Territory government nomination your occupation must be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) OR the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).
      Your occupation must also be available in the state or territory you apply to for nomination.Visit the ANZCO list here to find out if your occupation is listed.
    • For family sponsorship your occupation must be on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  • You must have at least competent level of English - e.g. IELTS score of 6.0 for all bands or equivalent (higher scores may be required to be awarded additional points)

  • You must score at least 65 points from the Point Test. While this is the minimum score, it is important to keep in mind that some popular occupations are extremely competitive and difficult to receive a state nomination.
    For example Accounting now has a point requirement of 90. You can keep up to date the latest nomination news and adjustments visit the Department of Home Affairs SkillSelect Website.





While the visa is officially available from the Department of Home Affairs from 16 November 2019, each State and Territory can choose when or if it will participate as a nominating authority.

State & Territory Nomination Availability

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisionsal) subclass 491 visa is open for application

  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales - TBC 











Occupation eligibility for the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) subclass 494 visa is determined by the Department of Home Affairs and comprises of two lists:

  • Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL): 216 occupations
  • Regional Occupation List (ROL): 434 occupations

Total: 650 occupations


Note: These lists are subject to change and the relevant legislation is currently published at: 


Occupations Available (combined list sorted by ANZSCO code)


ANZSCO Code Occupation Assessing authority List
111111 chief executive or managing director AIM MLTSSL
111211 corporate general manager AIM MLTSSL
121111 aquaculture farmer VETASSESS ROL
121211 cotton grower VETASSESS ROL
121212 flower grower VETASSESS ROL
121213 fruit or nut grower VETASSESS ROL
121214 grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus) / field crop grower (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
121215 grape grower VETASSESS ROL
121216 mixed crop farmer VETASSESS ROL
121217 sugar cane grower VETASSESS ROL
121218 turf grower VETASSESS ROL
121221 vegetable grower (Aus) / market gardener (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
121299 crop farmers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
121311 apiarist VETASSESS ROL
121312 beef cattle farmer VETASSESS ROL
121313 dairy cattle farmer VETASSESS ROL
121314 deer farmer VETASSESS ROL
121315 goat farmer VETASSESS ROL
121316 horse breeder VETASSESS ROL
121317 mixed livestock farmer VETASSESS ROL
121318 pig farmer VETASSESS ROL
121321 poultry farmer VETASSESS ROL
121322 sheep farmer VETASSESS ROL
121399 livestock farmers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
121411 mixed crop and livestock farmer VETASSESS ROL
131112 sales and marketing manager AIM ROL
131113 advertising manager AIM ROL
131114 public relations manager AIM ROL
132111 corporate services manager VETASSESS ROL
132211 finance manager (a) CAANZ; or (b) CPAA; or (c) IPA ROL
132311 human resource manager AIM ROL
132411 policy and planning manager VETASSESS ROL
132511 research and development manager VETASSESS ROL
133111 construction project manager VETASSESS MLTSSL
133112 project builder VETASSESS ROL
133211 engineering manager (a) Engineers Australia; or (b) AIM MLTSSL
133311 importer or exporter VETASSESS ROL
133312 wholesaler VETASSESS ROL
133411 manufacturer VETASSESS ROL
133511 production manager (forestry) VETASSESS ROL
133512 production manager (manufacturing) VETASSESS ROL
133513 production manager (mining) VETASSESS ROL
133611 supply and distribution manager AIM ROL
133612 procurement manager AIM ROL
134111 child care centre manager ACECQA MLTSSL
134211 medical administrator (Aus) / medical superintendent (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
134212 nursing clinical director ANMAC MLTSSL
134213 primary health organisation manager VETASSESS MLTSSL
134214 welfare centre manager ACWA MLTSSL
134299 health and welfare services managers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
134311 school principal VETASSESS ROL
134411 faculty head VETASSESS MLTSSL
134412 regional education manager VETASSESS ROL
134499 education managers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
135111 chief information officer ACWA MLTSSL
135112 ICT project manager ACS ROL
135199 ICT managers (nec) ACS ROL
139911 arts administrator or manager VETASSESS MLTSSL
139912 environmental manager VETASSESS MLTSSL
139913 laboratory manager VETASSESS ROL
139914 quality assurance manager VETASSESS ROL
139915 sports administrator VETASSESS ROL
139999 specialist managers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
141111 cafe or restaurant manager VETASSESS ROL
141211 caravan park and camping ground manager VETASSESS ROL
141311 hotel or motel manager VETASSESS ROL
141411 licensed club manager VETASSESS ROL
141911 bed and breakfast operator VETASSESS ROL
141912 retirement village manager VETASSESS ROL
141999 accommodation and hospitality managers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
142111 retail manager (general) VETASSESS ROL
142112 antique dealer VETASSESS ROL
142113 betting agency manager VETASSESS ROL
142114 hair or beauty salon manager VETASSESS ROL
142115 post office manager VETASSESS ROL
142116 travel agency manager VETASSESS ROL
149111 amusement centre manager VETASSESS ROL
149112 fitness centre manager VETASSESS ROL
149113 sports centre manager VETASSESS ROL
149211 call or contact centre manager VETASSESS ROL
149212 customer service manager VETASSESS ROL
149311 conference and event organiser VETASSESS ROL
149411 fleet manager VETASSESS ROL
149412 railway station manager VETASSESS ROL
149413 transport company manager VETASSESS ROL
149911 boarding kennel or cattery operator VETASSESS ROL
149912 cinema or theatre manager VETASSESS ROL
149913 facilities manager VETASSESS ROL
149914 financial institution branch manager VETASSESS ROL
149915 equipment hire manager VETASSESS ROL
149999 hospitality, retail and service managers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
211111 actor VETASSESS ROL
211112 dancer or choreographer VETASSESS MLTSSL
211113 entertainer or variety artist VETASSESS ROL
211199 actors, dancers and other entertainers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
211211 composer VETASSESS ROL
211212 music director VETASSESS MLTSSL
211213 musician (instrumental) VETASSESS MLTSSL
211214 singer VETASSESS ROL
211299 music professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
211311 photographer VETASSESS ROL
211411 painter (visual arts) VETASSESS ROL
211412 potter or ceramic artist VETASSESS ROL
211413 sculptor VETASSESS ROL
211499 visual arts and crafts professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
212111 artistic director VETASSESS MLTSSL
212112 media producer (excluding video) VETASSESS ROL
212113 radio presenter VETASSESS ROL
212114 television presenter VETASSESS ROL
212211 author VETASSESS ROL
212212 book or script editor VETASSESS ROL
212311 art director (film, television or stage) VETASSESS ROL
212312 director (film, television, radio or stage) VETASSESS ROL
212313 director of photography VETASSESS ROL
212314 film and video editor VETASSESS ROL
212315 program director (television or radio) VETASSESS ROL
212316 stage manager VETASSESS ROL
212317 technical director VETASSESS ROL
212318 video producer VETASSESS ROL
212399 film, television, radio and stage directors (nec) VETASSESS ROL
212411 copywriter VETASSESS ROL
212412 newspaper or periodical editor VETASSESS ROL
212413 print journalist VETASSESS ROL
212414 radio journalist VETASSESS ROL
212415 technical writer VETASSESS ROL
212416 television journalist VETASSESS ROL
212499 journalists and other writers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
221111 accountant (general) (a) CAANZ; or (b) CPAA; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
221112 management accountant (a) CAANZ; or (b) CPAA; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
221113 taxation accountant (a) CAANZ; or (b) CPAA; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
221211 company secretary VETASSESS ROL
221212 corporate treasurer (a) CAANZ; or (b) CPAA; or (c) IPA ROL
221213 external auditor (a) CAANZ; or (b) CPAA; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
221214 internal auditor VETASSESS MLTSSL
222111 commodities trader VETASSESS ROL
222112 finance broker VETASSESS ROL
222113 insurance broker VETASSESS ROL
222199 financial brokers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
222211 financial market dealer VETASSESS ROL
222212 futures trader VETASSESS ROL
222213 stockbroking dealer VETASSESS ROL
222299 financial dealers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
222311 financial investment adviser VETASSESS ROL
222312 financial investment manager VETASSESS ROL
223111 human resource adviser VETASSESS ROL
223112 recruitment consultant VETASSESS ROL
223113 workplace relations adviser VETASSESS ROL
223211 ICT trainer ACS ROL
223311 training and development professional VETASSESS ROL
224111 actuary VETASSESS MLTSSL
224112 mathematician VETASSESS ROL
224113 statistician VETASSESS MLTSSL
224211 archivist VETASSESS ROL
224212 gallery or museum curator VETASSESS ROL
224213 health information manager VETASSESS ROL
224214 records manager VETASSESS ROL
224311 economist VETASSESS MLTSSL
224412 policy analyst VETASSESS ROL
224511 land economist VETASSESS MLTSSL
224512 valuer VETASSESS MLTSSL
224611 librarian VETASSESS ROL
224711 management consultant VETASSESS MLTSSL
224712 organisation and methods analyst VETASSESS ROL
224911 electorate officer VETASSESS ROL
224912 liaison officer VETASSESS ROL
224913 migration agent (Aus) / immigration consultant (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
224914 patents examiner VETASSESS ROL
224999 information and organisation professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
225111 advertising specialist VETASSESS ROL
225112 market research analyst VETASSESS ROL
225113 marketing specialist VETASSESS ROL
225211 ICT account manager VETASSESS ROL
225212 ICT business development manager VETASSESS ROL
225213 ICT sales representative VETASSESS ROL
225311 public relations professional VETASSESS ROL
225411 sales representative (industrial products) VETASSESS ROL
225412 sales representative (medical and pharmaceutical products) VETASSESS ROL
225499 technical sales representatives (nec) VETASSESS ROL
231111 aeroplane pilot CASA ROL
231113 flying instructor VETASSESS ROL
231114 helicopter pilot CASA ROL
231199 air transport professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
231211 master fisher VETASSESS ROL
231212 ship’s engineer AMSA ROL
231213 ship’s master AMSA ROL
231214 ship’s officer AMSA ROL
231215 marine surveyor AMSA ROL
231299 marine transport professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
232111 architect AACA MLTSSL
232112 landscape architect VETASSESS MLTSSL
232212 surveyor SSSI MLTSSL
232213 cartographer VETASSESS MLTSSL
232214 other spatial scientist VETASSESS MLTSSL
232311 fashion designer VETASSESS ROL
232312 industrial designer VETASSESS ROL
232313 jewellery designer VETASSESS ROL
232411 graphic designer VETASSESS ROL
232412 illustrator VETASSESS ROL
232413 multimedia designer VETASSESS ROL
232414 web designer VETASSESS ROL
232511 interior designer VETASSESS ROL
232611 urban and regional planner VETASSESS ROL
233111 chemical engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233112 materials engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233211 civil engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233212 geotechnical engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233213 quantity surveyor AIQS MLTSSL
233214 structural engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233215 transport engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233311 electrical engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233411 electronics engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233511 industrial engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233512 mechanical engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233513 production or plant engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233611 mining engineer (excluding petroleum) Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233612 petroleum engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233911 aeronautical engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233912 agricultural engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233913 biomedical engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233914 engineering technologist Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233915 environmental engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233916 naval architect Engineers Australia MLTSSL
233999 engineering professionals (nec) Engineers Australia MLTSSL
234111 agricultural consultant VETASSESS MLTSSL
234112 agricultural scientist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234113 forester VETASSESS MLTSSL
234211 chemist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234212 food technologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234213 wine maker VETASSESS ROL
234311 conservation officer VETASSESS ROL
234312 environmental consultant VETASSESS MLTSSL
234313 environmental research scientist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234314 park ranger VETASSESS ROL
234399 environmental scientists (nec) VETASSESS MLTSSL
234411 geologist VETASSESS ROL
234412 geophysicist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234413 hydrogeologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234511 life scientist (general) VETASSESS MLTSSL
234513 biochemist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234514 biotechnologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234515 botanist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234516 marine biologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234517 microbiologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234518 zoologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234599 life scientists (nec) VETASSESS MLTSSL
234611 medical laboratory scientist AIMS MLTSSL
234711 veterinarian AVBC MLTSSL
234911 conservator VETASSESS MLTSSL
234912 metallurgist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234913 meteorologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
234914 physicist the assessing authority for the occupation under subsection (2) MLTSSL
234915 exercise physiologist VETASSESS ROL
234999 natural and physical science professionals (nec) VETASSESS MLTSSL
241111 early childhood (pre‑primary school) teacher AITSL MLTSSL
241213 primary school teacher AITSL ROL
241311 middle school teacher (Aus) / intermediate school teacher (NZ) AITSL ROL
241411 secondary school teacher AITSL MLTSSL
241511 special needs teacher AITSL MLTSSL
241512 teacher of the hearing impaired AITSL MLTSSL
241513 teacher of the sight impaired AITSL MLTSSL
241599 special education teachers (nec) AITSL MLTSSL
242111 university lecturer VETASSESS MLTSSL
242112 university tutor VETASSESS ROL
242211 vocational education teacher (Aus) / polytechnic teacher (NZ) the assessing body for the occupation under subsection (2) ROL
249111 education adviser VETASSESS ROL
249112 education reviewer VETASSESS ROL
249211 art teacher (private tuition) VETASSESS ROL
249212 dance teacher (private tuition) VETASSESS ROL
249213 drama teacher (private tuition) VETASSESS ROL
249214 music teacher (private tuition) VETASSESS ROL
249299 private tutors and teachers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
249311 teacher of English to speakers of other languages VETASSESS ROL
251111 dietitian DAA ROL
251112 nutritionist VETASSESS ROL
251211 medical diagnostic radiographer ASMIRT MLTSSL
251212 medical radiation therapist ASMIRT MLTSSL
251213 nuclear medicine technologist ANZSNM MLTSSL
251214 sonographer ASMIRT MLTSSL
251311 environmental health officer VETASSESS ROL
251312 occupational health and safety adviser VETASSESS ROL
251411 optometrist OCANZ MLTSSL
251412 orthoptist VETASSESS ROL
251511 hospital pharmacist APharmC ROL
251512 industrial pharmacist VETASSESS ROL
251513 retail pharmacist APharmC ROL
251911 health promotion officer VETASSESS ROL
251912 orthotist or prosthetist AOPA MLTSSL
251999 health diagnostic and promotion professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
252111 chiropractor CCEA MLTSSL
252112 osteopath AOAC MLTSSL
252211 acupuncturist CMBA ROL
252212 homoeopath VETASSESS ROL
252213 naturopath VETASSESS ROL
252214 traditional Chinese medicine practitioner CMBA ROL
252299 complementary health therapists (nec) VETASSESS ROL
252311 dental specialist ADC ROL
252312 dentist ADC ROL
252411 occupational therapist OTC MLTSSL
252511 physiotherapist APC MLTSSL
252611 podiatrist PodBA MLTSSL
252711 audiologist VETASSESS MLTSSL
252712 speech pathologist SPA MLTSSL
253111 general practitioner MedBA MLTSSL
253112 resident medical officer MedBA ROL
253211 anaesthetist MedBA ROL
253311 specialist physician (general medicine) MedBA MLTSSL
253312 cardiologist MedBA MLTSSL
253313 clinical haematologist MedBA MLTSSL
253314 medical oncologist MedBA MLTSSL
253315 endocrinologist MedBA MLTSSL
253316 gastroenterologist MedBA MLTSSL
253317 intensive care specialist MedBA MLTSSL
253318 neurologist MedBA MLTSSL
253321 paediatrician MedBA MLTSSL
253322 renal medicine specialist MedBA MLTSSL
253323 rheumatologist MedBA MLTSSL
253324 thoracic medicine specialist MedBA MLTSSL
253399 specialist physicians (nec) MedBA MLTSSL
253411 psychiatrist MedBA MLTSSL
253511 surgeon (general) MedBA MLTSSL
253512 cardiothoracic surgeon MedBA MLTSSL
253513 neurosurgeon MedBA MLTSSL
253514 orthopaedic surgeon MedBA MLTSSL
253515 otorhinolaryngologist MedBA MLTSSL
253516 paediatric surgeon MedBA MLTSSL
253517 plastic and reconstructive surgeon MedBA MLTSSL
253518 urologist MedBA MLTSSL
253521 vascular surgeon MedBA MLTSSL
253911 dermatologist MedBA MLTSSL
253912 emergency medicine specialist MedBA MLTSSL
253913 obstetrician and gynaecologist MedBA MLTSSL
253914 ophthalmologist MedBA MLTSSL
253915 pathologist MedBA MLTSSL
253917 diagnostic and interventional radiologist MedBA MLTSSL
253918 radiation oncologist MedBA MLTSSL
253999 medical practitioners (nec) MedBA MLTSSL
254111 midwife ANMAC MLTSSL
254211 nurse educator ANMAC ROL
254212 nurse researcher ANMAC ROL
254311 nurse manager ANMAC ROL
254411 nurse practitioner ANMAC MLTSSL
254412 registered nurse (aged care) ANMAC MLTSSL
254413 registered nurse (child and family health) ANMAC MLTSSL
254414 registered nurse (community health) ANMAC MLTSSL
254415 registered nurse (critical care and emergency) ANMAC MLTSSL
254416 registered nurse (developmental disability) ANMAC MLTSSL
254417 registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) ANMAC MLTSSL
254418 registered nurse (medical) ANMAC MLTSSL
254421 registered nurse (medical practice) ANMAC MLTSSL
254422 registered nurse (mental health) ANMAC MLTSSL
254423 registered nurse (perioperative) ANMAC MLTSSL
254424 registered nurse (surgical) ANMAC MLTSSL
254425 registered nurse (paediatrics) ANMAC MLTSSL
254499 registered nurses (nec) ANMAC MLTSSL
261111 ICT business analyst ACS MLTSSL
261112 systems analyst ACS MLTSSL
261211 multimedia specialist ACS MLTSSL
261212 web developer ACS ROL
261311 analyst programmer ACS MLTSSL
261312 developer programmer ACS MLTSSL
261313 software engineer ACS MLTSSL
261314 software tester ACS ROL
261399 software and applications programmers (nec) ACS MLTSSL
262111 database administrator ACS ROL
262112 ICT security specialist ACS MLTSSL
262113 systems administrator ACS ROL
263111 computer network and systems engineer ACS MLTSSL
263112 network administrator ACS ROL
263113 network analyst ACS ROL
263211 ICT quality assurance engineer ACS ROL
263212 ICT support engineer ACS ROL
263213 ICT systems test engineer ACS ROL
263299 ICT support and test engineers (nec) ACS ROL
263311 telecommunications engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
263312 telecommunications network engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
271111 barrister a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory MLTSSL
271214 intellectual property lawyer VETASSESS ROL
271299 judicial and other legal professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
271311 solicitor a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory MLTSSL
272111 careers counsellor VETASSESS ROL
272112 drug and alcohol counsellor VETASSESS ROL
272113 family and marriage counsellor VETASSESS ROL
272114 rehabilitation counsellor VETASSESS ROL
272115 student counsellor VETASSESS ROL
272199 counsellors (nec) VETASSESS ROL
272311 clinical psychologist APS MLTSSL
272312 educational psychologist APS MLTSSL
272313 organisational psychologist APS MLTSSL
272314 psychotherapist VETASSESS ROL
272399 psychologists (nec) APS MLTSSL
272411 historian VETASSESS ROL
272412 interpreter NAATI ROL
272413 translator NAATI ROL
272414 archaeologist VETASSESS ROL
272499 social professionals (nec) VETASSESS ROL
272511 social worker AASW MLTSSL
272611 community arts worker VETASSESS ROL
272612 recreation officer (Aus) / recreation coordinator (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
272613 welfare worker ACWA ROL
311111 agricultural technician VETASSESS ROL
311211 anaesthetic technician VETASSESS ROL
311212 cardiac technician VETASSESS ROL
311213 medical laboratory technician AIMS ROL
311214 operating theatre technician VETASSESS ROL
311215 pharmacy technician VETASSESS ROL
311216 pathology collector (Aus) / phlebotomist (NZ) AIMS ROL
311299 medical technicians (nec) VETASSESS ROL
311311 fisheries officer VETASSESS ROL
311312 meat inspector VETASSESS ROL
311313 quarantine officer VETASSESS ROL
311399 primary products inspectors (nec) VETASSESS ROL
311411 chemistry technician VETASSESS ROL
311412 earth science technician VETASSESS ROL
311413 life science technician VETASSESS ROL
311414 school laboratory technician VETASSESS ROL
311415 hydrographer VETASSESS ROL
311499 science technicians (nec) VETASSESS ROL
312111 architectural draftsperson VETASSESS ROL
312112 building associate VETASSESS ROL
312113 building inspector VETASSESS ROL
312114 construction estimator VETASSESS ROL
312115 plumbing inspector VETASSESS ROL
312116 surveying or spatial science technician VETASSESS ROL
312199 architectural, building and surveying technicians (nec) VETASSESS ROL
312211 civil engineering draftsperson (a) Engineers Australia; or (b) VETASSESS MLTSSL
312212 civil engineering technician VETASSESS MLTSSL
312311 electrical engineering draftsperson Engineers Australia MLTSSL
312312 electrical engineering technician TRA MLTSSL
312411 electronic engineering draftsperson Engineers Australia ROL
312412 electronic engineering technician TRA ROL
312511 mechanical engineering draftsperson Engineers Australia ROL
312512 mechanical engineering technician TRA ROL
312611 safety inspector VETASSESS ROL
312911 maintenance planner VETASSESS ROL
312912 metallurgical or materials technician VETASSESS ROL
312913 mine deputy VETASSESS ROL
312999 building and engineering technicians (nec) (a) VETASSESS; or (b) Engineers Australia ROL
313111 hardware technician TRA ROL
313112 ICT customer support officer TRA ROL
313113 web administrator ACS ROL
313199 ICT support technicians (nec) TRA ROL
313211 radio communications technician TRA MLTSSL
313212 telecommunications field engineer Engineers Australia MLTSSL
313213 telecommunications network planner Engineers Australia MLTSSL
313214 telecommunications technical officer or technologist Engineers Australia MLTSSL
321111 automotive electrician TRA MLTSSL
321211 motor mechanic (general) TRA MLTSSL
321212 diesel motor mechanic TRA MLTSSL
321213 motorcycle mechanic TRA MLTSSL
321214 small engine mechanic TRA MLTSSL
322111 blacksmith TRA ROL
322112 electroplater TRA ROL
322113 farrier TRA ROL
322114 metal casting trades worker TRA ROL
322115 metal polisher TRA ROL
322211 sheetmetal trades worker TRA MLTSSL
322311 metal fabricator TRA MLTSSL
322312 pressure welder TRA MLTSSL
322313 welder (first class) TRA MLTSSL
323111 aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) TRA ROL
323112 aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) TRA ROL
323113 aircraft maintenance engineer (structures) TRA ROL
323211 fitter (general) TRA MLTSSL
323212 fitter and turner TRA MLTSSL
323213 fitter‑welder TRA MLTSSL
323214 metal machinist (first class) TRA MLTSSL
323215 textile, clothing and footwear mechanic TRA ROL
323299 metal fitters and machinists (nec) TRA ROL
323311 engraver TRA ROL
323312 gunsmith TRA ROL
323313 locksmith TRA MLTSSL
323314 precision instrument maker and repairer TRA ROL
323315 saw doctor TRA ROL
323316 watch and clock maker and repairer TRA ROL
323411 engineering patternmaker TRA ROL
323412 toolmaker TRA ROL
324111 panelbeater TRA MLTSSL
324211 vehicle body builder TRA ROL
324212 vehicle trimmer TRA ROL
324311 vehicle painter TRA ROL
331111 bricklayer TRA MLTSSL
331112 stonemason TRA MLTSSL
331211 carpenter and joiner TRA MLTSSL
331212 carpenter TRA MLTSSL
331213 joiner TRA MLTSSL
332111 floor finisher TRA ROL
332211 painting trades worker TRA MLTSSL
333111 glazier TRA MLTSSL
333211 fibrous plasterer TRA MLTSSL
333212 solid plasterer TRA MLTSSL
333311 roof tiler TRA ROL
333411 wall and floor tiler TRA MLTSSL
334111 plumber (general) TRA MLTSSL
334112 airconditioning and mechanical services plumber TRA MLTSSL
334113 drainer TRA MLTSSL
334114 gasfitter TRA MLTSSL
334115 roof plumber TRA MLTSSL
341111 electrician (general) TRA MLTSSL
341112 electrician (special class) TRA MLTSSL
341113 lift mechanic TRA MLTSSL
342111 airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic TRA MLTSSL
342211 electrical linesworker (Aus) / electrical line mechanic (NZ) TRA ROL
342212 technical cable jointer TRA MLTSSL
342311 business machine mechanic TRA ROL
342312 communications operator TRA ROL
342313 electronic equipment trades worker TRA MLTSSL
342314 electronic instrument trades worker (general) TRA MLTSSL
342315 electronic instrument trades worker (special class) TRA MLTSSL
342411 cabler (data and telecommunications) TRA ROL
342412 telecommunications cable jointer TRA ROL
342413 telecommunications linesworker (Aus) / telecommunications line mechanic (NZ) TRA ROL
342414 telecommunications technician TRA ROL
351111 baker TRA ROL
351112 pastrycook TRA ROL
351211 butcher or smallgoods maker TRA ROL
351311 chef TRA MLTSSL
351411 cook TRA ROL
361111 dog handler or trainer VETASSESS ROL
361112 horse trainer TRA MLTSSL
361113 pet groomer VETASSESS ROL
361114 zookeeper VETASSESS ROL
361115 kennel hand VETASSESS ROL
361199 animal attendants and trainers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
361211 shearer VETASSESS ROL
361311 veterinary nurse VETASSESS ROL
362111 florist TRA ROL
362211 gardener (general) TRA ROL
362212 arborist TRA ROL
362213 landscape gardener TRA ROL
362311 greenkeeper TRA ROL
362411 nurseryperson TRA ROL
391111 hairdresser TRA ROL
392111 print finisher TRA ROL
392112 screen printer TRA ROL
392211 graphic pre‑press trades worker TRA ROL
392311 printing machinist TRA ROL
392312 small offset printer TRA ROL
393111 canvas goods fabricator TRA ROL
393112 leather goods maker TRA ROL
393113 sail maker TRA ROL
393114 shoemaker TRA ROL
393211 apparel cutter TRA ROL
393212 clothing patternmaker TRA ROL
393213 dressmaker or tailor TRA ROL
393299 clothing trades workers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
393311 upholsterer TRA ROL
394111 cabinetmaker TRA MLTSSL
394211 furniture finisher TRA ROL
394212 picture framer TRA ROL
394213 wood machinist TRA ROL
394214 wood turner TRA ROL
394299 wood machinists and other wood trades workers (nec) TRA ROL
399111 boat builder and repairer TRA MLTSSL
399112 shipwright TRA MLTSSL
399211 chemical plant operator TRA ROL
399212 gas or petroleum operator TRA ROL
399213 power generation plant operator TRA ROL
399311 gallery or museum technician TRA ROL
399312 library technician VETASSESS ROL
399411 jeweller TRA ROL
399511 broadcast transmitter operator TRA ROL
399512 camera operator (film, television or video) TRA ROL
399513 light technician TRA ROL
399514 makeup artist TRA ROL
399515 musical instrument maker or repairer TRA ROL
399516 sound technician TRA ROL
399517 television equipment operator TRA ROL
399599 performing arts technicians (nec) VETASSESS ROL
399611 signwriter TRA ROL
399911 diver VETASSESS ROL
399912 interior decorator VETASSESS ROL
399913 optical dispenser (Aus) / dispensing optician (NZ) TRA ROL
399914 optical mechanic TRA ROL
399915 photographer’s assistant VETASSESS ROL
399916 plastics technician TRA ROL
399917 wool classer TRA ROL
399918 fire protection equipment technician TRA ROL
399999 technicians and trades workers (nec) TRA ROL
411111 ambulance officer VETASSESS ROL
411112 intensive care ambulance paramedic (Aus) / ambulance paramedic (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
411211 dental hygienist VETASSESS ROL
411212 dental prosthetist TRA ROL
411213 dental technician TRA ROL
411214 dental therapist VETASSESS ROL
411311 diversional therapist VETASSESS ROL
411411 enrolled nurse ANMAC ROL
411412 mothercraft nurse VETASSESS ROL
411511 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker VETASSESS ROL
411611 massage therapist VETASSESS ROL
411711 community worker ACWA ROL
411712 disabilities services officer ACWA ROL
411713 family support worker ACWA ROL
411715 residential care officer ACWA ROL
411716 youth worker ACWA ROL
421111 child care worker (group leaders only) ACECQA ROL
431411 hotel service manager VETASSESS ROL
441211 emergency service worker VETASSESS ROL
442216 security consultant VETASSESS ROL
451211 driving instructor VETASSESS ROL
451311 funeral director VETASSESS ROL
451399 funeral workers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
451711 flight attendant VETASSESS ROL
451799 travel attendants (nec) VETASSESS ROL
451815 first aid trainer VETASSESS ROL
452311 diving instructor (open water) VETASSESS ROL
452312 gymnastics coach or instructor VETASSESS ROL
452313 horse riding coach or instructor VETASSESS ROL
452314 snowsport instructor VETASSESS ROL
452315 swimming coach or instructor VETASSESS ROL
452316 tennis coach VETASSESS MLTSSL
452317 other sports coach or instructor VETASSESS ROL
452318 dog or horse racing official VETASSESS ROL
452321 sports development officer VETASSESS ROL
452322 sports umpire VETASSESS ROL
452323 other sports official VETASSESS ROL
452411 footballer VETASSESS MLTSSL
452412 golfer VETASSESS ROL
452413 jockey TRA ROL
452414 lifeguard VETASSESS ROL
452499 sportspersons (nec) VETASSESS ROL
511111 contract administrator VETASSESS ROL
511112 program or project administrator VETASSESS ROL
512111 office manager VETASSESS ROL
512211 health practice manager VETASSESS ROL
512299 practice managers (nec) VETASSESS ROL
521111 personal assistant VETASSESS ROL
521211 secretary (general) VETASSESS ROL
521212 legal secretary VETASSESS ROL
541111 call or contact centre team leader VETASSESS ROL
599111 conveyancer VETASSESS ROL
599112 legal executive VETASSESS ROL
599211 clerk of court VETASSESS ROL
599212 court bailiff or sheriff (Aus) / court collections officer (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
599213 court orderly (Aus) / court registry officer (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
599214 law clerk VETASSESS ROL
599215 trust officer VETASSESS ROL
599611 insurance investigator VETASSESS ROL
599612 insurance loss adjuster VETASSESS ROL
599613 insurance risk surveyor VETASSESS ROL
599915 clinical coder VETASSESS ROL
611111 auctioneer VETASSESS ROL
611112 stock and station agent VETASSESS ROL
611211 insurance agent VETASSESS ROL
612111 business broker VETASSESS ROL
612112 property manager VETASSESS ROL
612113 real estate agency principal (Aus) / real estate agency licensee (NZ) VETASSESS ROL
612114 real estate agent VETASSESS ROL
612115 real estate representative VETASSESS ROL
639211 retail buyer VETASSESS ROL
639212 wool buyer VETASSESS ROL

Are you an experienced business person, high-net-worth individual or entrepreneur?


Business Visa Compare is an online tool for quickly comparing your options under Australia’s business and investment visa program based on a short series of questions. It is available in English, Mandarin and Vietnamese.



What Australian business visas are available and are covered by Business Visa Compare?

The Australian business visa program is designed to attract experienced business people and high-net-worth individuals to settle in Australia. The program currently consists of two main visa subclasses each with their own streams:

Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)

  • 132 Significant Business history visa stream
  • 132 Venture Capital Entrepreneur visa stream

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)
  • 188 Business Innovation visa stream
  • 188 Investor visa stream
  • 188 Significant Investor visa stream
  • 188 Premium Investor visa stream
  • 188 Entrepreneur visa stream

All of these streams are covered by Business Visa Compare.

There is also a second-stage permanent visa called the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) available to existing holders of the subclass 188 visa. Therefore, the subclass 888 is not covered by Business Visa Compare.

Can an Australian business visa lead to citizenship?

Holders of permanent residency business visas (subclass 132 or 888) are eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship once certain requirements have been met.

A major requirement is that the visa holder has resided in Australia for at least 4 years and has not spent more than 12 months outside of Australia during that time.

Are Australian business visas similar to those in other countries?

The types of visas covered by Business Visa Compare are similar to those available in other countries. The following are examples of other visas available globally that are designed to attract experienced business people and high-net-worth individuals:


  • Self-Employed Program
  • Investor Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa

United States
  • EB5 Investor Visa

United Kingdom
  • Innovator visa
  • Start-up visa
  • Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1)
  • Exceptional talent visa (Tier 1)
  • Graduate Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1)
  • Investor visa (Tier 1)

Europe (Portugal, Greece, Spain, Cyrus and Ireland)
  • Golden Visa

What if I am not eligible for an Australian business visa?

If you answer all the questions and find that you are not eligible for an Australian business visa, you are welcome to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss other options you might have through a different program.

Other types of Australian visas that might be of interest to you include:

  • General skilled migration visas (subclass 189, 190 or 491)
  • Employer sponsored visas (subclass 482, 186 or 494)
  • Student visas (subclass 500)
  • Working holiday visas (subclass 417 or 462)
  • Temporary visas (subclass 400, 403, 408, 417 or 485)

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